Monday, January 27, 2014

if you want peace, work for justice...

I wonder if this isn't what Venture Capitalist Perkins was on about when he threw out the word "Kristallnacht" (see post below on my wall) to the Wall Street Journal:

"Just before Christmas, a window was smashed on a Google bus in Oakland,across the San Francisco Bay. Last week, protesters doorstepped a Google engineer who they claimed was involved in working with the government to develop eavesdropping techniques and “war robots” for the military. “Anthony Levandowski is building an unconscionable world of surveillance, control and automation,” they wrote on flyers left near his house. “He is also your neighbor.”

Perkins didn't just call it a Kristallnacht, but a 'progressive Kristallnacht,' meaning anyone who dares question Corporate is a Nazi. But of course!

Yes, parallels there be perhaps. But let us consider the targets of those who would oppress us; not 'Jews' necessarily as Perkins and his Oligarchic friends would have it, but 'Plutocrats,' as in it's the Plutocrats who control Wall Street and the U.S. Media and the hi-tech industries, ergo the American government and, by extension, We The People of the United States... and the world! So, when they legislate and gerrymander our voting rights away from us, or when they steal our money from us and claim it as their own, showing little mercy or compassion and are kindly rewarded by the White House and Congress, one can only wonder what recourse? Short of a violent uprising as a response, or submitting outright, what is there for the have-nots to do?

The answer, again of course, is to die.