Wednesday, July 09, 2014

oh hey, yahhhh? you betcha... !

I noted a couple of days ago that it was 37 years ago to the day when I was standing on the front porch of my mother's house on Lexington Street in Woburn, Massachusetts.  I know this because the postman was delivering her her mail, and one piece for which she had to sign.  She remarked aloud, "Oh hey, today's '7.7.77!'"

The postman sounded surprised and nodded, "Oh yeah!"

My mother nodded too and asked rhetorically, "Isn't that interesting?"

Nodding some more, the postman acknowledged, "Sure is!"  Both still nodding, neither sure as to how to extricate themselves from this bit of comedy.

Years later, I would be able to compare it to a scene from the movie 'Fargo'--"Oh yahhh, you betcha!"

And a few years later, I can show you what I mean...