Thursday, March 12, 2015

what's for lunch...?

I've been part of Patriot Nation since 1971, so I know whereof I speak when I yawn mightily at the collective freakout *we're* having at yet another #24 (Ty Law, anyone?) departing for parts known. Thanks for the memories, Darrelle Revis!

We're fresh off a 4th Superbowl victory out of, uhm, 6(!!) this century, and the noise is reminiscent of wildebeasts suddenly startled by the croc popping up in the watering hole. A good time for the Lord's Prayer "In Bill We Trust" methinks.

Just get us to the playoffs with the home field advantage ferchrissakes and Tom Terrific will carve up whichever poor-slob Turkey that finds itself on the Gillette carpet, and the passel of nobodies-in-pats-unis now (& then) on the other side of the ball will fill the gaps as needed (thanks to the best coaching staff in the game), and we'll see you in the AFC final and maybe even the frickin' Superbowl in '16, what the fuck!