Monday, August 13, 2007

Friday, August 03, 2007

die, radio shack... ! die... !!

This keeps up, I might as well start up a consumer's blog.

I've been down on Radio Shack -- or as I like to call 'em: Radio Shank -- since the time I bought a cordless phone for my apartment in Arlington. The warranty on the battery was a year.

It crapped out on me in 6 months.

I go back to the store for another battery.

They don't sell them retail.

6-8 weeks for delivery of another battery. And this a couple of years before I bought a cell phone.

Meanwhile, I don't have a phone that works.


Today, several years later, I caved and went back (only electronics store in the vicinity) to buy a hands-free wire for my cell.

Doesn't work.

Die, Radio Shank... ! Die... !!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

headline of the day...

Clemens Booed Off Mound After Giving Up Eight Runs

Uhm, you sure that wasn't "Boo Hoo!"?

Update: ChiSox up 13-9 at time of this posting...

bridge as it collapes...

if you haven't already seen it...

die, ! die... !!!

I am profoundly disappointed to learn, apparently too late to satisfy T-Mobile, that my text messaging costs went up 5 cents per message starting 6/1/07.

Since my contract with T.Mobile was renewed 8/30/06 and expires on 8/29/07, I conclude this raise in my cost to be arbitrary and a breach of contract by T.Mobile.

I called customer service to complain and spoke to a "Paul," who informed me, in an obsequious, sing-songy manner (please make them stop that!!), that T.Mobile would agree to this being a breach of contract EXCEPT for the fact T.Mobile alledgedly alerted its customers to the impending increase in cost via pamphlets in the mail, establishing an, again, arbitrary time-period for customers to cancel their accounts without penalty. Oh! And not to worry: T-Mobile lowered the rates of picture-messaging.

UNACCEPTABLE!! I don't picture-message, if that is a verb! And lowering the rate for others certainly does NOT justify raising my rate within the confines of an agreed-upon contract.

Moreover, I never received any such an alert! Thus can I only conclude T-Mobile never sent it or sent it to the wrong address.

Either way, I demand satisfaction!

I never agreed to an increase in text-messaging cost. My contract stipulates text messages to be 10 cents and not 15 cents!

I demand you reimburse the difference established on 6/1/07 or I shall certainly take my business elsewhere.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

what fools these mortal bostonians be...

I'd been grousing about the palpable mania emanating online, along the airwaves, from the printed page -- yea, verily, from the pores of the city itself. Boston is Just! Freakin'! Nuts! about its sports teams (and I am compelled to use the possessive singular, as this city seems a sentient entity unto itself). I thought it was nuts when I first lived here in the late 70s and for five years in the 80s. Heck! I was nuts too, but nothing like this town is today.

Just in the last couple of days the biorythms have spiked exponentially, what with the arrivals of Kevin Garnett and Eric Gagne. Today's Herald, in a fairly subdued manner here, explains:
Yesterday, in fact, was a truly eye-opening day in the recent history of Boston sports. While the Celtics were all but adding the 6-foot-11 Garnett to the city skyline, the Red Sox were acquiring reliever Eric Gagne from the Texas Rangers. In the last four months, Moss, Garnett and Gagne all made sacrifices to bring their talents to Boston, just as Schilling did when he arrived from the Arizona Diamondbacks in November 2003.

So now here we are, in Summer 2007, and it seems as if each new season brings another major announcement. Sox starter
Daisuke Matsuzaka is Japanese, Garnett and Moss are African-American, Gagne is Canadian. They all could have chosen not to come. Yet, they all now belong to Boston, and you can’t help but get the feeling the city is growing a little more each day, inside the walls and out.
Ah yes. Bostonians live & die with the wins & losses. They eat, sleep and shit Sox, Pats and Shamrocks; and they'd like to bleed Bruin if they could (but they can't, so they won't). And the passion required to live & die as does this lot is better left to a more mindless youth. I don't know, it could be nothing more than I'm 25 years older and have taken into perspective my share of excitement: The World Series, Superbowls and NBA Finals. And somehow I've concluded I can't exist in a realm of all-or-nothing anymore.

But I can still watch the games, yes? It's all entertainment: The games, the crowds, the chatter.

Beyond that I'm working on getting a life, albeit at a safe emotional distance.

Update: Alriiiiight! Just got my Blockbuster mailing of the 2-disc set of Impossible to Forget: The Story of the 1967 Red Sox. That'll keep me busy.