Saturday, October 28, 2006

thinking aloud allowed...

Hanging out at Channel 10 in Fairfax, my stomping grounds throughout the 90s, so that I may convert my VHS library to DVD. At the moment, I am dubbing a Christmas party shot back in '92. Such beautiful people we all were then. Amazing the ravages of time can impose on a middle-aged body in 14 short years. Then I had dark brown hair and beard to match, and only began to exhibit my capacity for putting on weight; okay, a lot then; a lot more now. (Sigh!) Can't I just push the minute hand backward.

Ah well.

Other things to do: Balance the checkbook; follow-up on admin job leads for the short-term (Yep! Downsized back in September, the bastards!), edit audio air-check for reentry into radio, a more long-term prospect - planning on peppering Boston & San Francisco w/mp3s & resumes.

Oh yeah, the backlog of video editing: I have raw footage of the SilverDocs festival from last June that still needs editing. Meanwhile, Ingrid still wants me to come up with a business plan for a documentary on China and its environmental issues. Jesus! Work!

The brothers want me to move back to New England, and a part of me really wants to, be it Maine or Massachusetts. The inclination as to destination, were I to make said move, would be Boston or thereabouts. Western Mass would be my second preference. Or if some kick-ass gig at a Portland radio station opened up... well...

Would first like to liquidate my assets: sell my comic book and baseball card collections. The comics, I recently reappraised per Overstreet's guide. Cover prices of roughly 1,500 comics from the 70s & 80s that totalled, again roughly, $950, are worth $6,886.75 today, i.e., in "mint-condition" terms: Alas, mine are but in "good" to "very good" condition, which'll knock off a grand at least.

The baseball cards I haven't even begun to catalog. I do note that one of them, the Jerry Koosman & Nolan Ryan combo rookie card, was priced back in the 80s, again "mint" shape, at around $1,500. Today? I also have a '58 Willie Mays and a '57 Ted Williams, a '64 Whitey Ford, a '67 Johnny Bench rookie card, to name but a few. No, no 1905 Honus Wagner.

How much are these worth? I dunno, but I sure could use the scratch. Lots more too.

Anybody in the market?

Meanwhile, the library conversion is paramount.

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