Monday, February 09, 2009

oh yeah... ?!

One liberal perspective on "the Stim" that isn't so gloomy...

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Anonymous said...

Well, of course it is. If you are a liberal, you are almost giddy with this legislation. It accomplishes a lot toward advancing the liberal agenda of replacing private sector with government, and making more people than ever dependent on the dole. Further, core consituencies are rewarded while disfavored constituencies are punished. So if you are an artist in Greenwich Village, or a family planning counselor, or a member of a traditional democratic (meaning government or union) worker's group, you are estatic.

And the best part, you get to hand the bill to the productive members of society, who mostly didn't vote for you.

But don't worry. Pretty soon I will at least appear to be poor and on the dole, and will only be able to afford caribbean vacations because of some generous stranger offshore who periodically sends me cash and airplane tickets.

Unless I am a resident of the ROA, which is a distinct possiblity.