Friday, April 10, 2009

so who knew arizona state was an accredited institution for higher learning... ?

Get a load:
Arizona State University has announced that it will not award an honorary degree to Obama when he gives the school's commencement speech on May. 13.

“Because President Obama’s body of work is yet to come, it’s inappropriate to recognize him at this time,” said University spokeswoman Sharon Keeler, as reported by the ASU State Press.

Keeler said ASU only awards honorary degrees to “someone who’s really outstanding, who has made outstanding contributions in their field."
Well, let's see: community organizer goes on to the Illinois State Legislature goes on to the United States Senate goes on to the Presidency of the United States. Never mind that Ms. Keeler (and evidently everybody in the ASU administration) is beyond stupid, the question ought to be whether anybody who ever received a degree from Arizona State, be it honorary or legit (and all those are now called into question), who's done more vis a vis their respective bodies of work?

Meanwhile, let us imagine we have an honorary ASU degree in one hand, and a genuine Juris Doctorate from Harvard w/Harvard Law Review in the other. Which way, do you think, the scales tip?

ASU, the world sneers at you today!

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