Saturday, October 18, 2008

my kingdom for a better democrat...

I've been recuperating Downeast since my hospitalization last winter, affording me the displeasure of having to monitor Tom Allen running a more anemic political campaign than, say, John Kerry ever could in Ohio:
Crazy, huh? If a year ago, you would've told me that ME-Sen was safe but GA-Sen, KY-Sen, and MS-Sen (B) were neck and neck, I would've never believed it. Perhaps this is testament to Collins' political skills, but I think it has more to do with Allen's timid campaign. The campaign has been so obsessed with Collins' popularity that it has refused to aggressively attack her record. And when you play defensively -- as a challenger -- you will lose 100 percent of the time. At this point, it feels as if Allen is already running for governor in 2010 than closing out this particular race.
Okay, I exaggerate. Mike Dukakis ran a more robust campaign than Kerry did in Ohio. Even so, Kos' suspicion is the very speculation among journalist types who work here every day -- that Tom Allen felt a need to soft-pedal his challenge of Susan Collins in an era when Republicans were on the rout solely for the purpose of obtaining his preferred post -- the statehouse in 2 years -- vs., say, the Senate in a month, and consequently saddling 200-million or so U.S. citizens who crave the evisceration of the Republican party, with another 6 years of this tedious Bush-bot in drag, is unconscionable.

So somebody please put up a challenge to Mr. Cheese Whiz Tom Allen come 2o10, hey?

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