Friday, October 31, 2008

another question that'll get you kicked off the "straight talk express"...

Oh, hey, Senator -- now that we have "Joe the Plumber," what do we need you for!?

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Anonymous said...

Well, the day of the Glorious November Revolution is upon us, and you haven't blogged???????? I am surprised at you. Don't go out and spend your stimulus and earned income credit checks yet though. You see, I have a sneaking suspicion that Obama's first official act will be to toss the far left wing under the bus. In fact, he has signaled as much for weeks now, by retracting some of his more controversial policies, and even getting an earful from some supporters about the dems mor radical measures. Even McGovern publicly advised the dems not to push certain parts of their agenda.

The far left knows this as well, and some of the farthest left blogs (dsausa,, etc) have said that they are okay with that as they view it as a small sacrifice for an incremental step toward their socialist utopia.

Further, on your pet issue, Iraq, the timeline has gotten longer by ten months, and will likely be longer still. In fact, I don't see a pullout until after the midterm elections in 2010. I know that is heresy but this is my prediction.

I am actually home today; the little Naahm has an earache so we have to go to the pedes, but it is proving impossible to get an appointment. I am also a bit cheesed at this pedes office since they refused to treat her sinus infection before and it has moved to her ear. No treatment, no appointment until hell freezes over? Has socialized medicine arrived in New Jersey already?

Placed my ammo order last night since I wanted to get it before becoming a citizen of the PRNJ. The website exclaimed that they had the highest sales in their 26 year history. I think that they will crush those numbers.

Saw that major cities of Atlanta, Phila., LA, Detroit, are all putting lots of extra cops on today. I told people MONTHS ago that this would be the case. Surprisingly, there was a lot more blather about this from the left than the right---Naomi Wolfe was supposedly going nuts with fear that a new civil war would break out if Obama lost. Huh? Democrats taking up arms and demanding to partition the country??? I know a lot of dems have derisively called for red states to just leave if they don't like being in the New World Order, but I have to think that is just sarcasm, right?. I used to think so, but it may actually not hurt Blue America to leave since it can get its food and fuel from Venezuela. Chavez has already endorsed Obama and offered to meet with him, and the largest refinery in the world, Hovensa, is still firmly in the hands of the U.S. government on St. Croix, available to refine Venez. oil (in fact, that is all it does).

Actually, I expect to be busy under Obama. Companies are terminating pension plans and restructuring benefits so I picked a good time to get into that field. Then there is general corporate tax so I have to bone up on partnerships and S corp issues. Finally, for my own benefit and practice, I am busy studying the controlled foreign corporation and PFIC rules. I can avoid CFC status easily enough, but PFIC rules are harder--they can be avoided but only if you have a trust with no US beneficiaries. Ironically, this is useful for my "alley-oop" strategy for avoiding the new U.S. "exit tax." And no, I am not telling you what the strategy is. Or any of my other tax and asset protection strategies for when TSHTF and the system collapses under its own entitled weight (admittedly, blame can be apportioned to all for this one).

But not to worry, mon frere. If you are still around and able to work when that happens, I will put in a good word for you at my sister's compound in Maine. They would certainly give you rudimentary shelter and board in exchange for help in the fields and clearing timber.

So Comrade, enjoy your celebration tonight. I have to go get my Che t-shirt, Little Red Book, and "I love Big Brother" bumper sticker. ;-)