Tuesday, November 04, 2008

are we on... ?

Naahm rightly spanks me for not having blogged extensively of late, particularly during this politcal season of potential upheaval. My apologies to the three of you who actually read this space religiously, I have been running ragged, working 4 part-time jobs whilst looking after my mother who, back in January, was deemed terminal with cancer (bile duct now spread to the lungs) as you may know. Not that I'm needing sympathy, I rather enjoy the mix of driving a cab, substitute teaching, writing for the weekly paper (though not on a weekly basis, but in due time), and now working the front desk of an area hotel affords me the privilege at least of not having to draw another unemployment check -- sorry Naahm, times've been tough. Meanwhile, my mother I have discovered, as an adult whereas I could not when I was a more self-absorbed adolescent or child, just what a stout-hearted old girl with a heretofore undetected joi de vivre. She makes me proud of who she is and what she's done in her 81 years.

Also astounding that she says she's been hanging on if only to see Obama kick McCain's ass, which ought be today -- and she, a lifelong Republican. She loves the red & black Obama poster I brought home, it with "HOPE" as caption, a poster, which, by the way, resembles in somber if prideful tone those old Soviet/Prolitariat workers-of-the-world thematics you'd see in Chaatoes' basement (and I knew you'd appreciate that comparison, Naahmy).

And so this being my fancy way to segue into the political analysis -- where to begin?

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Anonymous said...

I do appreciate it. Thanks.

Sorry to hear about your mother. Geez, I cannot imagine it. Mine goes under the knife next week but for back problems. Wouldn't want your luck over the last year. Hope it gets better. Write soon.