Sunday, March 22, 2009

as the sun-flurries abate...

Frank Rich once again gets me to thinking. In today's Times he is quoted: "The White House seemed utterly blindsided by the public’s revulsion at the moneyed insiders’ culture illuminated by Daschle’s post-Senate career. Yet last week’s events suggest that the administration learned nothing from that brush with disaster."

I wondered how it could be they were in fact blindsided. And then I supposed it's because the American people hadn't raised so much as a stink about the Daschle/insider types being promoted from failure over the last ten years. But then I remembered much of what I have read and written on the Internet about the more prominent corporate media as having been wholly insufficient in covering the bubbling cauldron of contempt that was surfacing from without even as it worked in concert with the propagandistic manipulations of the Bush/Cheney oligarchy. It is that same corporate media that is now only too happy to broadcast and act as megaphone to the uncapped rage and varied frustrations of We The People, all the while gesturing furtively in the direction of President Obama and his administration as though they're the culprits responsible for the bind in which we find ourselves.

Well, Obama did promise Change!, didn't he? And at times he seems a tad slow off the dime in effecting change, our impatience for immediacy notwithstanding. Moreover, perception of the president's finance team as perhaps not being up to the task of dealing with the crises is very real, and, in large part, *looks* to have been well earned. Whether his luck and/or skill is once again underestimated, one can only hope. Meanwhile, one can only shake one's head at the preposterousness that is today's Republican party and at the members of which who feign the populist's outrage at all things Wall Street; for let us never forget they are indeed the loathsome lot responsible for the interesting times in which we live.

It says so right here.

Oh, and so says We The People the last two election cycles... lest you think me mad.

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