Sunday, March 22, 2009

christopher walken...

Sogand sent this over to my Facebook, so don't shoot me if the CWalken here is not the same Christopher Walken that talks like a warped vinyl-45. Even so, this is some funny stuff and may very well put Walken in a class with that King of the One-liners, Henny Youngman. A sampling:
She said I should talk more about my cat; that people like that sort of thing here. I didn't know I still had a cat. Explains a few things.
8:53 AM Mar 20th from web

There's a kid on a Pogo stick in front of my house. It's nearly midnight so let's assume he's been drinking. This should end well for him.

7:41 PM Mar 18th from web

Someone corrected my last post; said it's "frightened by" not "frightened of." Know what else I'm frightened of? Crazy people.

6:29 AM Mar 18th from web

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