Monday, October 10, 2005

Gargling Oligarchies & Oligopolies

Sidney Blumenthal succinctly summarizes the Republicans and their economic Final Solution:

Under Ronald Reagan, the unanticipated consequences of supply-side economics - instead of tax cuts fostering increased government revenues, they blew a black hole in the budget - has under Bush been a conscious policy following the Reagan lesson. The reason is to apply fiscal pressure on government, making its regulations more pliable for manipulation in the interest of oligopoly and therefore the Republican political class. Just as macroeconomic policy is the plaything of politics, so is microeconomic policy. Environmental degradation, lowered public health and urban neglect are indifferent byproducts.

The Republican system is fundamentally unstable. Bush has no economic policy other than Republicanism. As the economic currents run toward an indefinable reckoning, the ship of state drifts downstream.
Or to put it another way: the body America has cancer and the prognosis is grim. Any successful treatment would necessitate radically alternative remedies, and soon...

... or we could cut the fuckin' thing out!

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