Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Which State Is That Again?

Ol' Mitt Romney sittin' in a tree...

Ee-aye ee-aye ohhhh...

So we're talkin' the Massachusetts governor here, who's really from Michigan by way of Utah. He's running for president, primarily by running down his "home" state (because Mass. jokes play big w/the Red State yay-hoos, don'tcha y'know!), and now he's peddling this shit:

''We're under attack, as you know, militarily," Romney told about 150 people gathered at an exclusive Raleigh country club. ''They're not just intent on blowing up a little bomb here and there at a shopping mall, awful as that would be. They want to bring down our government, bring down our entire economy. They want to put in place a huge theocracy."

The obvious irony, of course, is the governor's audience was likely lousy with those who really do want to make America a theocracy. But consider also Ol' Mitt "happens to be" (thank you, George Carlin) Mormon, which is relevant because he presumably wants the GOP nomination rather than run as an independant [by the way, somebody really oughta give John McCain the heads-up on how well he's received by the Jumbo Shrimp party bouncers, or will be], and for that he will have to literally scare up "the faithful" about how the Islamic terrorists have all these plans of turning our churches into mosques, that is after they finally extricate themselves out from under the oppressive thumb of Yankee imperialism.

Meanwhile, the betting is heavy you'll not hear anytime soon a plan to break bread with the other 99% of the Muslim peoples, who comprise one quarter of the world's population. Presumably any "win" against terror would require their cooperation and not their resentment. Please note those are mutually exclusive conditions.

As any presumptive candidate for '08 ought to consider, winning the hearts & minds of the Muslim street is the only way to win the War On Terror. Instead, Romney's the usual suspect baiting on faith and race, playing to the lowest common denominator and to the paleolithic evangelitans (redundant, I know). They will, of course, lap it up, leaving a growing and very wearying general electorate to seek nutrition elsewhere.
''Thank heavens we have a president of the United States who recognizes this for what it is and has declared war on it."
Nope! That ain't it!

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