Tuesday, November 06, 2007

2nd cover in 4 weeks...

What SI jinx??

Footnote to the Big Win Sunday: All Indy's talk of "We didn't have Harrison, we didn't have our line healthy," Blah! Blah!

Here's what it is: Pats got the Colts' measure. The refs tried to give it to 'em, and they had a 10-point lead with 9:35 remaininig.

Indy had their chance. They blew it!

Come January in Foxboro, if Indy makes it that far? There won't be any piping in no crowd noise at the Razor. No need to. That stadium sound be organic -- you dig?

And the ice & snow? That'd be real too. Foxboro ain't no ski resort!

Blow out!! 19-0!!

Update: matt v said:
Boston has been on the cover of SI so many times recently. 5 out of the last 5, and 7 of the last 12!
Sept 17: Randy Moss

Oct 1: Jonathan Papelbon
Oct 22: Tom Brady
Oct 29: The Celtics "Big 3"
Oct 31: Josh Beckett
Nov 5: Jonathan Papelbon
Nov 12: Pats Linebackers

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