Saturday, November 24, 2007

paris, je t'aime...

Put Paris Je T'aime on your DVD queue. It is a gorgeous, charming collection of vignettes all filmed on location in the City of Lights. All-star cast, ranging from Gena Rowlands to Steve Buscemi to Gerard Depardieu to Natalie Portman, et al.; including a heretofore unknown lovely -- to me, that is -- named Olga Kurylenko (pictured above), who plays a vampire in a particularly moving manner.

Certainly takes the ache out of being under the weather for the holiday.

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midnight owl said...

I've had a few other people recommend this movie to me, but I had not really checked into it yet.

It certainly looks interesting, plus I'm a sucker for love (and vampires)

I'll definitely add it to my ever-growing list :)