Tuesday, November 06, 2007

this one's fresh'n new...

Chaatoes always had a clever, if subtlely scathing, mimic of the union striker, s/he with the overly familiar, tired and decidedly unoriginal chant:

"Hey hey! Ho Ho! Fill-in-the-blank has got to go!"
A slight twist, then, heard from the Hollywood writer's strike:

"Hey hey! Ho Ho! Package delivery can't write this show!"
... ... ...

Well, I thought it was funny. Writers, after all.

Update: Actually, as I recollect, Chaatoes had an even better line, or, I should say, sadly, he told me the story of a striker, who, while trying to hang a sign off the Golden Gate Bridge, fell to his death; his last words quite possibly being...
"Hey hey! Ho hoooooooo... !"

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