Wednesday, April 30, 2008

tim russert: hack... !

Back in the spring of '89, I was offered a summer internship at Meet The Press. At the time it was hosted by Garrick Utley, a substantive and admirable successor to the show's icon Lawrence Spivac, and was even then the longest running news show in America. Instead I took the offer with Washington's local NBC affiliate News4, which provided me the opportunity to become acquainted with a then relatively unknown field reporter named Katie Couric.

But now Meet The Press is met with universal derision within the progressive movement, precisely because it's host Tim Russert is what Arianna Huffington says he is, a "conventional wisdom zombie":
[I]f he truly thinks his show hasn't become an outlet for Bush administration figures to push their message uncontested (as Huffington suggests), then shouldn't he bring Huffington on and challenge her assertions? Or, at the very least, allow Huffington to go on another NBC show?

Probably not, since that would mean Russert would have to ask tough questions for a change.
It says here that any reference to a "liberal media" is likely offered by the ignorant or one with a right-wing agenda.


Anonymous said...

"Liberal media"


Why use two words when one will do?

And why not embrace it as so many in the media do, and do so openly?

Personally, I don't consider Russert to be a tool of either side, so much as I think him to be a "tool" in general. He has become a "persona" like Anderson Cooper is, and Olbermann wants to be. In short, he thinks he is the story.

Commander Guy Deux

Barking Up Trees said...

fyi: olberman's show "countdown" is the highest-rated program on msnbc... i'd say he's a bit more than a wannabe, don'tcha think there, commander guy (pronounced "ghee")...

Anonymous said...

Olbermann??? Are you comparing Olbermann to a journalist????

Next thing you will tell me is that his show is news! If so, my favorite journalists in that news genre were Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin.


Barking Up Trees said...

which explains why yer such an ignorant slut...