Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ahh, sweet justice... !

Almost certainly, Bush had to cancel his planned speech while Gustav loomed. But the sources say he didn't like the idea and felt pushed. Bush is described by sources as "furious" at McCain for being deprived of his last appearance before his party, which nominated him twice, as a sitting president. He believes he is being treated disrespectfully.
Any day Dubya's feelers get bent is a good day. Now I'd settle for indictment, arrest, trial, punishment... with prejudice!

Now that'd be a good day!

Update: And this is what I get for posting on a piece before I finish reading it: the other shoe -- Hee!
Shuttering the convention for a night was probably inevitable given the hurricane, but to provide a cover-up for scratching Bush and Cheney it became absolutely necessary. But once the hurricane passed, Bush asserted his primacy as president and forced his way back on the schedule to deliver a satellite speech to the convention.


Anonymous said...

I like the new pick. In that suit and tie, you almost look like a Republican.



BTW, we spent a pleasant week sharing a condo at OC-MD with two other lawyers that are self-described socialists (of a sort--really liberal urban democrats). We had good political discussions, but imagine what fun I had with the hubbie when I found out he owned TWO handguns!!!

Barking Up Trees said...

you had fun w/the telescope... ? thaaaaassss niccccce...