Saturday, November 26, 2005

And You Thought Texas Republicans Were Nasty?

Jesus Christ! Check out Kentucky!

The charge of violating the state's Whistleblower Act, pending in Franklin District Court, could bring one year in jail. The grand jury indicted [newly appointed Sec'y of Transportation Bill Nighbert] Sept. 20, weeks after [Gov. Ernie] Fletcher pardoned Nighbert and eight other aides who were charged for their roles in an alleged hiring scheme intended to pack the state payroll with politically connected Republicans.
The American Republican Party in the 21st Century: Openly corrupt and incestuous.

And if you'll pardon the baseball analogy here, where Kentucky and Texas are triple-A, Washington is the majors, and you can bet Governor Fletcher's rubbing his constituents' noses repeatedly in his sleaze, and whether he gets away with it, is being closely monitored just outside the oval office.

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