Wednesday, February 20, 2008

gee... ! it's g.e. bringing "good things" to light again..

I'm trying to plug in to Olberman's vids from tonight's show. This is what I get:
To watch video in the new player, you will need to update your version of the Adobe Flash Player.
Then it provides instructions on how to quickly install the device.

And then Dubya and Dick and the Department of "Justice" will have you by the short-hairs. The business of surveillance has only begun, and one ought know that even if an Obama were to become president, the Oligarchy simply could not allow him to dismantle that which they've so painstakingly constructed. Consequently, then, the safest among us will be forever on the move and without various electronics dangling from our ears or off the limbs. But then we'd also be the nobodies with no ability to communicate with others -- have an influence on our own direction; an influence, maybe, on civilization's.

Just getting plugged in.

So what one must do is allow General Electronic -- a fairly entrenched multi-national conglomerate, who owns MSNBC, and who, by the way, is getting obscenely and filthily wealthier by the nano second off the fighting and dying in the Middle East -- plug into your laptop, maybe drop an interactive virus that will record your every keystroke, maybe concoct a few itself, send the report to Room Such & Such at AT&T in San Francisco (for a fee of course), who in turn forks over your interpreted proclivities to this government entity, ensconced somewhere between Baltimore & Washington city, believing itself as having to do with the nation's security. Oh wait! That'd be national security, which, we all have come to glumly realize, has nothing to do with our nation's security.

Sorry, my bad!

Which is all well and good, my friends, that is if you cannot handle having your freedoms.

But, just an example: What if you like to look at Erotica?


$40 Billion dollars worth of Erotica -- okay, Porn! -- gets consumed in the U.S. every year, conservatively speaking. And if you -- Guys!? -- step outta line, say, a little too too... ??

So many ways to fuck you over. Small wonder we're already the most incarcerated nation in the world today. But, y'know, no problem! You're a nobody -- not even on the radar.

But what if you're a gifted orator running for a high office? Hm?

You remember that Hoover kept Kennedy in line, yes? Kept his affairs out of the press. Strong-arming those in the know with a mind to share, all because J.Edgar & Jack were, like, tight, right?

Is how J.Edgar kept his job, you see, for as long as he could and all the while with Bobby hating his intestines.

And in the meantime, he somehow got a whole building named after his cross-dressing self.

Now that's Pornography!

Update: Ah! Access to Olberman! -- via Safari, though not Firefox.

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