Sunday, February 10, 2008

no longer the age of reason...

Axiomatic? A black American president will, not might be, assassinated. Or so it would seem to be widely believed. For example:
Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing believes Barack Obama would be assassinated if he were elected U.S. president, the British writer said in a newspaper interview.
It stands to reason inasmuch Bush's America is a sick, obsessive and violent culture. And as Lessing suggests, Obama, as a presumptive nominee, scares a lot of the darker demons out on the prowl. Later in the piece, she suggests he should in any event have Hillary as his #2.

Given the antipathy she engenders, are we talking some kind of insurance policy?

Update: Answering that last question: Uhh, No! Those most likely to take out a black president and who could get at him would likely be the same who are frightened of any reversal of corporate welfare policies and its accompanying obscene profits (It's not personal, it's just business.), and not the unhinged, though assuredly very lone white supremist everybody'd figure to be in the equation.

And we all know the corporate demons just lovvvvve Hillary.

P.S., Of course, all this doesn't mean an Exxon or a Haliburton wouldn't hire one of, say, Blackwater's grandest dragons, likely for Christ, who just happens to be handy with an M40. That'd be them hedging their bet.

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