Monday, February 04, 2008

that's entertainment...

Received an email from the HAMster this afternoon; rare reader hereabouts he, but wanting desperately to feel my pain over the imperfection that was yesterday's Superbowl blowhole.

Here it is: Oh Well!

As I had been hitherto made pleased, but not deleriously so, by the Sox winning the Series last October, so am I not so wantonly devastated the Pats couldn't hold the line against a most ferocious Giants pass rush. I dunno, maybe 3 Superbowl titles and 2 World Series crowns in the last 6 years, not to mention 3 NBA flags in the 80s, which seem like yesterday to me (one of which I witnessed from the press box with locker room access), isn't enough for the next greedy fucker. But me? I think I've grown a little desensitized by the multiple orgasms.

So, like, Oh Well!

Look, kids, I'm pushing 50 and Lord knows I've had my share of ups & downs as a Boston sports fan. The game yesterday enabled me to invite a friend and his lady to my brother's house to see both the brothers and their kin; slap some hootin' & hollerin' 5s with 'em when Brady hooked up with Moss one last time in the endzone; wonder what in hell Belichick was doing channelling Marty Schottenheimer by going for a 4th & 13 instead of letting his kicker go for 3 on the 49 or by not throwing the challenge flag on an apparent fumble recovery that should've been ruled down-by-contact -- I mean WTF, Bill??; and fall out of our chairs when Manning got away from the Pats' rush and finally connected with Plaxico for the winner.

We drank a little, ate a lot, goofed on the commercials (by the by, the interrupting shirt stain was by far the funniest comm) and a halftime filled with Tom Petty. 'Course the Pats might be confused as the Heartbreakers by hungover New Englanders this day.

But as the man said: Oh Blasted Well!

Sports is entertainment. The game was highly entertaining. The boy got his money's worth. Had a good time. Lovin' the family! Life is short! Get along, li'l doagy!

18-1 is what it is, then. Still more wins in a season than hanybody ever before. My cup has been runneth over.

Congrats to the J'ints and their fans!

Pitchers & catchers later this month. But, uhm, maybe I'll be reading s'more books -- y'know?

P.S. to Hammie & Chaatoes: Sorry to take the wind outta yer sails, fellahs! No gnashing of teeth to be had here.



Velvet Verbosity said...

Indeeeeed, fun times. Thanks for inviting us along.

My verification word is "dfaupx". Is your comment verification trying to tell me something??

Barking Up Trees said...

i wouldn't presume to know the mind of chaos theory, ma'am...

je regret ca...