Thursday, March 06, 2008

arlen specter, that pillar of... well, we all know what he's a pillar of...

The senior senator from Pennsylvania; wielder of the Warren Commission whitewash; trasher of Anita Hill for favor of Clarence "The cross-eyed uncle" Thomas; and now harrasser of the NFL, because one had thought he was an Eagles fan who resented the Pats win in '04... But Nooooooo... !!
[T]he object of Specter's NFL ire has been the NFL Network and its exclusive relationship with DirecTV. The Philadelphia-based Comcast cable company is in a war with the NFL over whether they can charge their customers for the NFL Network, unlike DirecTV.
Uh huh! Doing the bidding of another fascist, anti-net neutrality media corp.

We won't mention any names, we'll just... *cough* *COUGH* *COMCAST!!*

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