Friday, March 21, 2008

from your other office...

The recession is an easy hook upon which to hang a hat of unemployment. Ergo, your operations, not to mention your backside, can be found at the local internet cafes: L'il Dog in Brunswick, and, today, Cafe Creme in Bath -- your offices, I see. In between I'll find you at the Y either in the post-nautilus area or in the pool, and, hey!, sometimes in the gym shooting baskets (no running, thank you, time & gravity & friction!).

Meanwhile, you crank out emails w/resume attached to various leads on Craigslist; making appointments with agencies in Portland, and, starting Monday, Bath/Brunswick. The disability income is no more and the savings is winnowing now that coverage has been marked for Cobra retroactive to the end of February, all of which is decidely more expensive and carrying with it no regard for your elegibility for unemployment. Is any of this supposed to make sense?

Oh, forgot to mention the insurance company decided to cover but 1/5 of the hospitalization.

Other'n that, you're fine!

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