Tuesday, March 04, 2008

super tuesdaying it...

Obama to win Texas and Vermont; Hillary, Ohio & Rhode Island. So it is written, etc.

Given her endorsement of John McCain over Barack Obama, or her hemming & hawing on whether he's a Muslim or not, or her piling on when John McCain conspires with the right-wing Canadian prime minister to take down a fellow Democrat and fellow American, I reckon I don't have to say, "She's a Republican, ferChrissakes!" and be seen as barking up the wrong tree.

Update: Naahm's "Think you better get out that eraser for what is written" taunt notwithstanding, dig this:
It's looking more and more like Obama will officially win Texas.


Anonymous said...

Think you better get out that eraser for what is written. Don't know if the Rushies crossed over in force (this tactic never works), or the Obama aide's overtures to the canadians (don't worry, it's just political posturing) cost Obama cred, but he got a buttwhipping in Ohio (yes, I know you cannot use any derivation of "whip" in the same paragraph as a black person's name. Sue me) and lost out in Tejas tho he did win the caucuses.

So the soap opera goes on, and if more canadian memos or appeals to sympathetic MOVEment judges to keep polls open in black districts on NO evidence (apparently, the judge took it on face value--this is called "abuse of discretion" in legal circles), then Obama is going to lose even more cred.

Of course, Hill is hardly doing herself any favors, and even Bill has shut up after his now infamous faux pas "if you elect me, I mean . . . "

So the bloodbath in PA looms. Should be fun to watch.

Commander Guy Deux

Anonymous said...

BTW, ever the curious prognosticator, I decided to see if there were any predictions about post-election rioting, and there is a very slight bit of questioning on the web about post-election day riots in November.

This means, of course, that Obama gets the nod. I now predict that there will be localized rioting, and that some businesses in black areas will stay closed the following day, and that there will be a larger than normal number of "sick days" in LA, Newark, Miami, Dallas. But it will be limited and over quickly. More ominously, however, I think that there will be a spike in muggings and assaults in the months following the election, no matter who wins. Not a huge one, but perceptible nonetheless. A racist prediction? Call it what you want, I could not care less. But I will be investing in companies that produce store front grates and MACE. Just remember to do everything the man with the gun tells you to do.

Barking Up Trees said...

whoa, chumley... !

got some underlying currents to deal with here, eh... ?