Saturday, March 01, 2008

the enemy of my enemy...

Wow! John McCain has, like, totally stepped into a big pile of inorganic biofudge:
According to [Catholic League Blowhole Bill] Donohue, Hagee has "made a lot of money off bashing the Catholic Church and blames Catholics for the Holocaust." What does it say about McCain that he would embrace such a figure? "This doesn't speak well for him. He's tolerating an endorsement by an inveterate bigot, and it's been brought to his attention."
Here're the strait-talker's options: 1) He doesn't repudiate Hagee and he loses the Catholic and, by extension, the, uhm, Latino vote... BIG time! (And do we really fear traditional media will ignore the bellowings of Bill Donohue?); or 2) He does repudiate Hagee, losing his money & organization while getting hammered by him, as well as by those other blowholes Rush Limbaugh & Sean Hannity, essentially the Republican base.

Of course this is fresh off McCain throwing that Cunningham bozo under the clown car.

Here's betting they bring back the Morman.

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