Monday, May 19, 2008

al gore for vp...

Lebron wishes he could slam dunk like this.

It makes sense. Hillary is out of the question. Obama would have to be insane to put two megalomaniacs on the ticket; self-absorbed sociopaths who would eclipse his candidacy. No, somebody with military/foreign policy experience is needed, leading me to think Wesley Clark or, were I to bite the bullet, Joe Biden. But now, gotta think Al Gore would be a major coup and make Obama unstoppable.

Meanwhile, can John McSame actually pick somebody the Christianists won't accept; a Mormon, say? Or will he have to bring aboard the Jesus-loves-squirrel-on-popcorn-popper gourmet Huckleberry Huckabee?

If I didn't know a whole lotta precincts were already fixed, I'd say '08 promises to be a laugh-riot.

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