Monday, May 12, 2008

well, to be honest...

It says here Hamas has more credibility and, sadly ironic, a greater decency, especially when one considers the bomb-Iran droolings of a Joe Lieberlips or his charge McSame the presumptive Republican nominee.

And how stupid can McSame be inflicting Lieberlips at his side and into the cameras everywhere he goes. I was gonna sit out this election; not vote. I thought it was gonna be Hillary and, well, let's face it: she's never been more unacceptable. This 60s right-wing extremism-in-the-defense-of-liberty-is-no-vice princess cum post-feminist corprobot poseur of the blue collar, who can now race-bait like she's suckled George Wallace.

Not a pretty picture.

Meanwhile, Obama was, at one time, heard chirping gospel & hymm to the Christianists; talking of privatizing Social Security... going *cough* on Fox Newssss!

So I was gonna stay home. Except now McSame keeps flaunting Lieberlips at me. Doesn't he know people will actually go vote to not have to look at that dried-up protoplasmic ooze that Lieberlips calls a face. That's how he got kicked out of the Connecticut Democratic party, remember?

So where do I go register to vote?

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