Friday, January 11, 2008

another one bites the dust...

Sir Edmund Hillary: 1919-2007

2 pts to anybody who can name the Sherpa* who got to the top of Mt. Everest before Heap White Man.


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Anonymous said...

Norgay. He died several years ago. To Sir Edmunds credit, he had always refused to say that he got to the top first, not until a biography printed after Norgay's death, and then only obliquely.

A sad day. As a child, Sir Edmund was a personal hero of mine, along with Neil Armstrong and Yaz! A sad day for adventurers, humanitarians, environmentalists and all those who exalt in what people can accomplish.

I logged on to see if you would have honored such a person, and you did. There is substance to your soul, sir.

Commander Guy Deux in Mourning.