Monday, January 28, 2008

giving "states rights" a good name...

The good citizens of Brattleboro seem to be verging closer to voting on a warrant to arrest the President and Vice President.
[An activist] said he gathered nearly 500 signatures in about three weeks, and he said most people he encountered were eager to sign it. He started the petition drive about three months ago.

"Everybody I talked to wanted Bush to go," he said, noting that even members of the local police department supported the drive.
The scenario being if Dubya or Dick set foot in Vermont, they are to be arrested for the charges handed down, e.g., for espionage, obstruction of justice, war crimes, etc. And lest anybody say, "Yeah, well, they've never been to Vermont anyway... "
Activists in Louisville, Ky., are spearheading a similar drive, and he said activists were also working in Montague, Mass., a Berkshires town.
It'd be right tasty watching state cops draw down on the black limo with tinted windows. Of course the thing is bullet-proof, which means they'd have to do a Waco-like stake-out, starve the bastard out if necessary.

Slap the cuffs on 'im.

Make 'im do the perp walk.

Put it on YouTube.


VelVerb said...

Gotta love Vermont

Anonymous said...

You both know that this is a liberal's insulin-induced fantasy, don't you?

Commander Guy Deux
Actual Attorney at Law

Barking Up Trees said...

what, no flame-throwing M-1 abrams rolling over the limo... ? darn... !

Barking Up Trees said...

and fyi, as u thump yer creds, "actual" or otherwise, just remember what shakespeare said (and maybe the french, circa 1789, did w/their cheese-slicers) about the ambulance chasers...