Friday, January 25, 2008

just do it...

Please, Minnesota, trade with the Mets!

I don't want Johan Santana to go to the Yankees, and I don't want the Sox to deliver unto the Twins either Jon Lester or Jacoby Ellsbury, much less than with 3 other major league prospects. Lord knows I can't afford to go to Fenway anymore anyway, but for the Sox having to then sign Santana, after giving away a quarter of their farm, to somewhere in the neighborhood of $20-25 million per for six, is just nuts!

So let 'im go to the Mets, and if they're lucky enough to make it past Philly or Atanta and whomever else in the National League -- which, by the way, should now change places with the American and be considered the junior circuit -- then I'll worry.

Sound like a plan?

P.S., Lest you think me overly sentimental, did you not see the difference Ellsbury made when he replaced Cuckoo for Coco Crisp in Game 6 of the ALCS? And correct me if I'm wrong, was Lester not lights-out in Game 4 of the Series last fall? I mean, c'monnnn...

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