Wednesday, January 30, 2008

what say we make him attend AA meetings during business hours...

Bush Says Reliance on Faith Helped Him Beat 'Addiction' to Alcohol

Like, yawwwwwwn! I realize applause is the usual and socially appropriate response to when any sorry bastard beats an addiction; but when it's substituted with another addiction, say, the "Opiate Of The People," it's scarcely better on a personal level, let alone when it's become an obsessive compulsive disorder that gets several hundred thousand people killed.

Would that this prick had stayed crawled up in his bottle and left the rest of us to our luxury of growing weary of the last 8 years of Al Gore.

P.S., And why is this news?? We knew back when he was still governor that this fool was, and still is, a dry drunk, which is a whole different animal than a reformed alcoholic.

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