Friday, January 18, 2008

why the democratic (in name only) leadership council should be bathed in honey and buried up to its ears in a fire ant colony...

P.S., we, who like to bark, don't torture... !

Digby pretty well summarizes the progressive antipathy toward the DLC:
The idea was to go to the middle, work with moderate Republicans to "get things done" in new and modern ways --- the third way, actually. The thanks that pragmatic Democrat got was that the Republicans (with the help of the press) mercilessly harassed him, impeached him and then stole the election from his successor. From where I sit today it didn't work out too well for Democrats in the long run. (And I'm not sure either Bill or Hill have actually absorbed that ugly truth either --- or took the right lessons from it.)
All in all, it'd be best if the Clintons hit the road, i.e., in the traditional sense of my wanting them to make like sheppards and get the flock outta here. Meanwhile, Barack Obama's keeps playing to the middle, which -- and correct me if I'm wrong -- is precisely why ol' Hill is no longer "inevitable."

Russ Feingold also makes an interesting comment about John Edwards running on his, Feingold's, voting record, and not his own, Edwards'. And I liked Feingold's timber more than I could take Edwards' femininity, but Feingold didn't bust the right move, so OH WELL!!

Al Gore! We hardly knew ye!

Ugh, Politicians (he spat in no particular direction)!

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