Thursday, August 21, 2008

the case for picking lieberlips...

She who is Digby:
Many people think that the conservative base will have a fit if McCain chooses Holy Joe. But I think it all depends on whether Holy Joe agrees to become the fire-breathing anti-abortion zealot he's always secretly wanted to be. They love converts, especially the sickeningly condescending, self-righteous, sanctimonious kind. There's nobody out there who is more suited to the role of preachy social conservative than Joe Lieberman.

I fervently hope McCain does it. It would spell the end of Obama's ineffectual paeans to "post-partisanship" and force him to make a strong case for progressive policies -- which I have long believed the country was finally willing to hear for the first time in decades. He's got a gift for speaking and that's what he needs to be speaking about.

Go McCain-Loserman 08!


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