Saturday, August 30, 2008

sarah palin as mccain's pic...

What was he supposed to do -- John McCain?

Go with Romney? The man McCain despises more than life itself? A Mormon t'boot, meaning the Christianists who don't already know Jesus and Lucifer were brothers were bound to find out in two-months' time.

Hmm... McCain/Romney = Jesus/Lucifer. That'd have been a sweet bumpersticker (but I guess we'll just have to settle for "The Maverick & The MILF").

Go with Pawlenty? Like, who??

Go with Huckleberry Hound? The Christianist squirrels (which he likes to cook up on the popcorn popper hot-plate, by the by) would've loved that, but the moneybags wouldn't. End of story. And end of that marriage.

Lieberlips? McCain wanted him. But a man who can motivate every Democrat that ever was (including the Dead Kennedys in 1960's Illinois) lining up on Election Day, while at the same motivating Christianists to go fishing, is a special talent indeed.

Any one of these yabbos would've grown course hair all over the Republican campaign, and, under every circumstance, would sink what little is left of John McCain's chances.

Nope. Hail-Mary! No nod to Catholics, that. After Obama's nomination speech in Denver, the Repos saw a mighty shit-storm a'comin'. And they figure there's absolutely nothing to lose with picking a different Christianist squirrel who also appeals to the Exxons and Shells of the world.

Nothing to lose that they aren't already gonna lose, that is.


--spared-- said...
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--spared-- said...

Doesn't hurt she appeals to the road-kill eatin' crowd either.

I can tell she's a walkin' hypocrite already. If they win, I'm definitely moving back to Argentina.

Anonymous said...

spared, are you gonna do your part to lower rents in Manhattan? I may have some extra boxes for you after my move this week.

If Obama wins, I am buying yen, won, remimbi and yuan since it is gonna look a lot like Argentina here. But then, as a new homeowner, I will have lots of debt to pay down with devalued dollars, especially since Obama plans to impose new taxes on retirement savings and cap gains from primary residence sales (reversing a Clinton tax law change).


Anonymous said...

Of course, since I am stockpiling ammunition, I get a quick, tax free capital gain from selling extra bullets if Obama wins.


BTW, G, you can buy some ammo. In fact, you are about the only liberal (besides Mom) who will be permitted to take shelter at the compound in Maine. Hope you like apples, zucchini and pumpkin pie--sis is a semi-vegetarian.

Barking Up Trees said...

s'good to see u 2 playing together again...

--spared-- said...

CG2 - If this country was being run by democrats, I would not need to do my part to lower anything. You could afford that rent, love. T
The difference between a democrat running the country and a republican is that a republican makes you think you can be part of the small section of the population that will live the dream; a democrat makes sure everyone has an actual crack at it.