Monday, August 11, 2008

i agree with what you say, but...

Wow! Josh Marshall really clips the strings:
Do whatever you can to make sure John McCain is not elected president. Too many opportunities for crazy mischief to let him get his hands on the military and the bomb.
I've been reading Marshall for a couple of years now, so his is a reputation of being particularly level-headed -- for a liberal, that is. That he implores his readers thusly fascinates me... and kinda scares me if not a little bit.

Meanwhile, it's moving pretty quickly now, this business between Russia and Georgia, and it is a very real possibility gasoline prices will skyrocket well beyond today's prices, what with Russia bombing Georgia's oil pipeline today. Meanwhile, the Neocons -- those *cough* brave lads -- are spoiling for a fight with the Russians; this after they've attrited our standing troop strength in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ah, but not to worry -- there's money to be made here.

Whoo! Do you feel a draft?

Update: Doubly infuriating about these Neocons is when a body has to apply a reality-check upside their pipe-dreamer's dream; the question amounting to, "With what?? O
ur good looks?"

For example, they say: "We should go to war with Russia!"

"With what?? Our good looks?"

The problem is, of course, the Neocons themselves: They're all a bunch of ugly bastards!

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Anonymous said...

Yah know, I was at UMass in 1980 when all the liberals were railing about Reagan. It was the same stuff they heave at McCain. The exact same stuff. Amazing.

Wrong then, wrong now. I am not drinking the kool-aid, comrade.