Friday, August 22, 2008

rachel maddow is my kinda lezbo...

... which means I kinda sorta dig her!

Meanwhile, Greenwald examines the wet tremulations of the pusilanimous pussyfooters within the corporate media (not to mention of the wingnuttery) over MSNBC's handing Maddow her own show to start 9/8/08.

The fear, of course, is grounded in the likelihood her ratings will grow to be HUGE among the progressives (myself included). And with Olberman as her lead-in, it says here MSNBC will soon own cable-news' prime-time.

Should that indeed come to pass, other networks will be hearing it, or ought to be, from their shareholders and thus likely be made to follow suit. Sadly though, this would mean said pussyfooters & wingnutteries could be made to exit the stage. Tsk!

So who needs a Fairness Doctrine after all, eh? Market forces may will out yet.

Is that John McCain I hear whining?


Anonymous said...

That's a woman????


Barking Up Trees said...

more woman than sarah palin, pally... !!