Thursday, January 11, 2007

does it really matter... ?

Roughly 13 seconds into Dubya's speech tonight... er, last night... I had to surf post haste to a cable station -- any cable station not covering the same Dubyan drivel/different day. It's like it was for that old lady in Flushing who went into epileptic seizures whenever Mary Hart came on the tube, when I see Dubya and hear that fingernail-to-chalkboard gargle of his, I commence to fibrulating and sputtering words -- words that somehow always begin with the letter "F."

Fffool... ! Fffiend... ! Ffffraud... !

Ffffflatulence... !!


Well, you get the picture.

So I landed on A&E and caught the basic cable premiere of The Sopranos instead, Season One, its first two episodes. And it only occurred at the moment: I had never seen the pilot. So, like, bonus!

I mean, what's another twenty or so thousand of our brave but apparently inexpensive youth as they are made to render unto Ceasar what is decidedly not Ceasar's? It could be another 200 thousand and the end result would still be the same: America's abject humiliation. And for what? To enable this desperate excuse of a president his running out the clock on his administration and its responsibility?

The only surge that'll get you is in Dubya's pants.

Update - Looks like 4.3 other million Americans had the same idea:
The network said Thursday that the viewership tally makes the 9 p.m. debut of "Sopranos" the most-watched off-network series premiere ever on cable.
Question now is: How much of it was Dubya and how much of it was Gandolfini?

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