Thursday, January 25, 2007

oh brothers... !

This will be my last post before I depart the Occupied Capital of America; rolling up the coast and going home, looking forward to catching some games at Fenway with the boys of summer.

For 15-plus years I made a go and made many stops. I will miss my friends here, more friends than I realized I had. I will miss the electrical charge of briefly working Capitol Hill and coming into contact with genuine power, or driving up the parkway to Camden Yards and to Fells Point after. There were laughs to be had with the alumni softball team including the post-game galavants to the Bottom Line or Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan. I will never ever forget my very good production and the always inspired people with whom I worked at Channel 10 where it seems I spent half my life. And even the lovely former Mrs...

Adieu, S. Je t'aime. We had some laughs, eh?...

Letting it and them all go, not easy. For once you get outside and away from the pontifications and assorted blatherings between establishments along Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. is indeed an elegant and charming city, and I have had some excellent times.

Meanwhile, the brothers have been encouraging and helpful. Here's a sampling...

From Brother Elder:
Your evacuation from your DC digs made me think of the helicopter falling off the roof of the American Embassy in Saigon in ’75 (remember that footage?). Yeah, it’s huge change after 16 years for you. But, you know, that kind of change brings huge energy to a person. And you gonna need sum energy, dood.
From which Brother Younger has his riff and with illustrations:
Operation Frequent Wind

Washington D.C., “The Occupied Capital,” fell to Right Wing radicals two years after g. returned to New England …

See also:
Operation Frequent Wind

Before daybreak on January 27, the [truck rental] dealership was hit by rockets and heavy artillery. Continuing rocket fire and debris on the runways caused Homer D. Smith, the U.S. Transportation Secretary, to advise the Bush Administration of the editor of the blog “Barking Up Trees” after 16 years of combat was now unfit for politics and that the emergency evacuation of the Washington area would need to be completed by rented truck towing old red car. Reports came in from the outskirts of the city that the Republican were moving. At 10:48 a.m., Martin relayed to Condi his desire to activate the "Operation FREQUENT WIND" evacuation plan; Rice gave the order three minutes later. The American radio station began regular play of "White Christmas," the signal for liberal personnel to move immediately to the evacuation points.

Under this plan, CH-53 and CH-46 helicopters were used to evacuate blue state voters and friendly Republicans to ships, including the Seventh Fleet, in the Chesapeake Bay . The main evacuation point was the DAO compound at Tyson’s Corner; buses moved through the city picking up passengers to help load the truck and get all g.’s personal belongings out of the city quickly, with the first buses arriving at Tyson’s II shortly after noon. The first CH-53 landed at the DAO compound in the afternoon and by the evening, 395 liberals and more than 4000 Blue state christians had been evacuated. By 11:00 p.m. the U.S. Marines who were providing security were withdrawing and arranging the demolition of the DAO office, Liberal equipment, files, and cash.

The rest, they say…is history.

Yep, them's me brothers.

h/t to Wikipedia


sightseer said...

Bon voyage, Mr. G.

Although I am not at all certain your abandonment of the US capitol to us "foreigners" will result in the catastrophe imagined by your brothers, I suppose it is possible you will be missed by those whom you number as friends. Of course your computer will likely continue to function even in the wilds of your new home -- wherever that is to be. Thus, I would encourage you to keep writing -- as you quite need the practice; and, with luck, your hopefully enhanced skills with the Queen's English may someday better serve your obvious desire to further the advancement of your insightful thoughts and ideas, as well as your good and humane instincts.

Best wishes,

Barking Up Trees said...

or in other words, "operation frequent wind" means i'm goin' to beantown...