Tuesday, January 16, 2007

just suppose we juxtapose, revisited...

I'm (and Chris Kelly's) just sayin'...
But it is kinda weird, isn't it? That the same week this twisted tub o' lard in Missouri gets caught abducting a new kid for his menagerie, Bush says he needs more teenage corpses to stuff in the national crawlspace?

The President and the Pizza Dispatcher. One is a psychopathic moron whose motives are known only to himself, and the other is Michael Devlin.
What, you were expecting another comparison to Hitler?

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--spared-- said...

Don't ask me why but this post reminded me of the time Barb Bush told reporters the Katrina victims were underpriviliged anyway and were better off in their new surroundings.

Maybe his mother will come out on television to say kids are better off going to Iraq, otherwise they will fall prey to the Michael Devlin's of this world. You know they'll try anything.