Friday, January 19, 2007

my interview with dubya...

BARK: Thank you, Mr. President, for taking the time to see us.
POTUS: Sure, sure...
BARK: Do you want the straight fastball or the curve?
POTUS: Oh yeah? Tell ya' what -- mix 'em up. I'm ready for ya'.
BARK: Okay -- Mr. President: Assuming one can reasonably interpret last November's elections as a "No Confidence" vote for your administration; and coupling that with your declaration, for escalating troop levels in Iraq, of failure being "not an option," this is my question: If there is no confidence in your handling of the war in Iraq, and a consensus builds to where any sort of -- quote/unquote -- "victory" would require you and Mr. Cheney to resign from office, would you do so?
POTUS: What??! What the hell kinda question is that?
BARK: Uhm, that'd be the straight fastball, sir; if a little high and hard.
POTUS: Well, it's outta the strike zone and I reject it.
BARK: Then you think you can still succeed in your war policy in Iraq?
POTUS: Damn straight!
BARK: Which goes to the issue of "No Confidence." Can you provide one example where your administration has succeeded at anything in the past?
POTUS: Whaaa... ? Le'me guess: the curveball?
BARK: Right.
POTUS: You're startin' to piss me off.
BARK: Just pitching you questions, sir.
POTUS [sighing heavily]: One example... ?
BARK: Yessir.
POTUS: Uhmmm...
BARK: I mean besides successfully suppressing the vote-counts in Ohio and Florida in '04...
POTUS: That's it, we're done here.
[handlers wrestle with cameraman] Bet you think you're a smart guy, huh?
BARK: Whatever. I just wanted to wipe that smirk off your face.
POTUS: You wanna pray your taxes are in order. [to security] Get 'em outta here. And get that tape.

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sightseer said...

Very clever, Mr. G. I must say, your overall blog work is spotty, at best. But your talent is unmistakable. And this one is a gem. Your countrymen should be proud.