Sunday, January 07, 2007

one man's sunday afternoon...

Michael Felger correctly diagnoses the cause of that which was my angst:
It wasn’t so much that the Patriots lost to the Jets the last time they faced them. It’s how they lost.

We’ve seen the Pats get beat before. We’ve seen them unable to overcome bad matchups (vs. Denver) and great individual performances (vs. Miami’s Jason Taylor). We’ve seen it come down to pure talent (vs. Indianapolis’ Peyton Manning). That happens.

But what transpired Nov. 12 at Gillette Stadium -- a 17-14 Jets victory -- was pretty much unprecedented in the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era. The Patriots got caught napping. They were beaten by a less-talented team because they were out-worked, out-thought and out-coached.
I caught up with Felger's analysis after coming home from the Bakerman's (he who busted out a batch of his famed chili on spaghetti), after having enjoyed the Pats touching all their bases -- to mix a sports metaphor -- and put down the upstart Jetisons of New York. We were joined post-kickoff by the Harvster and Jay of Cape Cahd. Super Family Guy, however, normally the hailest of hearty fellows well met, didn't bother acknowledging his invites (& not just from me, u clever people), likely believing we'd assume he'd not make the scene. He would be right, of course -- but, dude, not even a courtesy call?

Anyhow, the Pats did what the Pats do, another blessing for Patriot Nation; and, yes, I'm counting. Am now looking forward to the challenge represented by a formidable Chargers team, in San Diego, and what it will pose for the most battle-tested playoff team of this young century, which boasts the best road record of the season, and which yet remains the underdog. Is L.T. really that good?

Local Locale TBD (Harvster's?). Yo, Monsier de Plume, wanna travel?

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