Monday, March 12, 2007

curious tidbit, this...

Newsweek piece on the par for the course Veep's office (via TPM):
Former White House official says the Vice President's office was "out of control," but Scooter Libby is likely to be pardoned after 2008 election.
"Curious" in that Libby is scheduled to be sentenced in June while facing two years in the hoosegow. The Newsweek piece goes on to say Patrick Fitzgerald is likely to recommend he be put away while appealing the convictions, and that the judge, meanwhile, is no friend of white collar crims (and gahd bless 'im for that!!).

Now if ol' Scooter is sent up in June, and the real bad boys at the White House are figuring to wait until after Nov '08 to pardon his ass...

Well, if I'm Scooter, I'm singing like a canary the second they slap the cuffs on me.

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