Monday, March 05, 2007

sunday -- er, eww, monday chuckle...

Chad Hermann w/a succinct synopsis of those Mac commercials we've grown to love:
PC is to Mac what Wile E. Coyote was to the Roadrunner: the poor, pitiful foil for whom we feel some strange sort of empathy, even as we can't quite bring ourselves to identify with him. He won't ever win, and he can't even get his name in the title, but he's the one who makes the stories worth watching. He makes them great. And so he makes us -- even long-time, hardcore, holier-than-thou Apple zealots -- like him and even occasionally want to root for him.

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--spared-- said...

I only use a Windows based PC when I absolutely have to. If I could replace all the puters in my house with a Mac I would. I love my iMac... and I'm giving myself an iBook this year since my huisband refuses to get me one. He's a PC-head. It may be the only reason I divorce him.