Saturday, March 03, 2007

oh, the tangled webs we weave...

How rancid a right-wing bag of wet brownies do you have to be in order to make Michelle Malkin's colon clamp?
Editor and Publisher report: "Ed Morrissey on his Captain's Quarters blog wrote: 'Yeah, that's just what CPAC needs -- an association with homophobia. Nice work, Ann.' Michelle Malkin expressed disapproval, and at her Hot Air site regular contributor 'Bryan' wrote: 'I’m no fan of John Edwards, but that’s just a stupid joke. It’s over the line. The laughter it generated across the room was more than a little annoying. Last year it was 'raghead.' This year it’s calling John Edwards a 'faggot.' Two years in a row, Coulter has finished up an otherwise sharp CPAC routine with an obnoxious slur that liberals will fling at conservatives for years to come. Thanks, Ann.'"
Funny stuff. Michelle Malkin, on the cusp of respectability, or at least getting some recent love from Colonel Kurtz at the erstwhile liberal rag Washington Post, now doesn't want to be associated with the more loathsome quadrant of her universe.

Yo, Ann! Don't queer my deal, eh?


--spared-- said...

I viewed the video and can only say that with Ann, you have to consider the source. She has serious issues, poor woman. Not the least of which is hiding the fact she's a transexual or at the very least a male in drag. Hence, her rage and spite.

Naahm Deplume said...

spared may be on to something, re: Ann's elevated testosterone levels.

As an aside, the more I hear/read about her, and conclude that she has morphed into a right wing Michael Moore, the more I think she needs to have her meds adjusted.

Still, I would take her in a fistfight with Moore. All that testosterone should make for a raging bull in drag.

--spared-- said...

She lives in an alternate universe with no sense of reality. Probably from the same planet as Dubya. This is the same idiot who told TV Guide "I am emboldened by my looks to say things Republican men wouldn't."

She apparently doesn't own a mirror otherwise she'd know she looks just like most Republican men.I'm pretty sure she even pees standing up.