Saturday, March 17, 2007

giving christians a good name for a change...

Hundreds Arrested At White House Christian Anti-War Protest

We had a Nor'easter in Beantown yesterday; got slammed pretty good. Even this morning the dank fog, with it's heavy drizzle, freezes, and the look of it makes a body glad to be inside chizzling away on his laptop while sipping the jolly java.

After 16 years in D.C. one can assure Washington's insularity does indeed breed a foul incest, its placental fluid being power. Conversely it is proximity, and the distancing of oneself from that medium, that improves the clarity of one's thoughts and relief of sensibility. And seeing in the news a modicum of growing resistance to the inherent corruption of our government, i.e., the people fighting the power, one can only conclude this day as a better one.

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