Tuesday, June 17, 2008

kbr blackmails the pentagon...

War-profiteers and their protection rackets:
In short, KBR can charge the U.S. government anything it wants under the implicit threat that the firm will halt logistical services to troops in Iraq. If the military doesn't pay up in full, KBR has warned, "it would reduce payments to subcontractors, which in turn would cut back on services."
I say draft the board of directors at Halliburton -- extraordinarly render 'em, whatever -- put 'em in BDUs not as officers, stick 'em in the sandbox outside the Green Zone, and say to them, "I'm sorry! What?"

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--spared-- said...

Our government would have to grow a pair for that to happen. Unfortunately, the only candidate that had any, much as I disliked her, is officially out of the running.