Monday, June 30, 2008

mmm... tastes like chicken...

Bush Administration Allowing Chopped Body Parts
In a 6-part news series called, "The Cruelest Cut," reporters exposed how House of Raeford Farms had failed to keep records of worker injuries to avoid OSHA inspections and fines. Injuries such as loss of fingers, hands, arms, other serious injuries workers suffered, even deaths.
The assumption here is this is not an isolated incident.

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Anonymous said...

Is there anything you liberals don't blame on Bush?

Ooh, nasty T-Storm yesterday. Bush's fault.

Overturned tanker ties up traffic. Bush's fault.

Dog bites toddler. Bush's fault.

Octegenarian dies in sleep. Bush's fault.

Nasty cut gets infected. Bush's fault.

Gangsta thug holds up convenience store and stabs clerk. Bush's fault.

Sad part is that I have seen people blaming Bush in blogs for some of these things. I really have.

We really need to separate into Red and Blue America, or at least give more autonomy to the states to do so, and to keep out or let in those who they want. That will solve everyone's problems.

I will be on the side with the food, fuel, and protection.