Wednesday, June 25, 2008

advice from the kos...

Loathe as I am to admit it, I'm envious of Marcos Moulitsas, a.k.a., Kos, he of The Daily Kos. This 30-something little man, born in El Salvador, was in the U.S. Army, is a lawyer, and employs a small rotating army of journo-opinionists who write for a website that generates more readers daily than does the New York Times. Simply if there's such a thing as a blogging empire, his is it. Meanwhile, I think I generate 16-20 peeps in hereabouts per day, but what the hey, I do it for fun anyhow.

Today, I was intrigued by this post, particularly as I've grown so bloodily annoyed with the Democratic leadership in Congress. A sample:
You want to do something? If your local congresscritter is one of the bad apples, start organizing locally. Plug into existing networks or start your own. Begin looking for primary challengers. Do the groundwork. Don't expect help from the local party establishment, they'll close ranks. So tap into alternate infrastructures. Find allies in the progressive movement. If your local shitty Democrat is anti-union, approach the unions. They'd love to send this kind of message. If the Democrat is anti-choice, work with the women's groups. If the Democrat is anti-environment ... you get the idea.
It occurred also I'm due for a hoot-&-a-holler from Naahm de Plume, a.k.a., Commander Ghee, my favorite Republican corporate lawyer-bot, who likes to, well, hoot & holler at my postings (and boy would I feel lonely without him, Madame Spared, or Chaatoes to bust my balls on a semi-regular basis).

But if you think about it -- Repo people, you too -- it is by definition that those of our elected representatives who are more interested in representing business interests are in it for the money; otherwise they'd vote New Deal and not Dirty Deal. And if they're so vested for big business today, they are ipso facto Corrupt! That goes especially for the Democratic leadership in Congress. They, too, are corrupt. (It says so right here!)

Which leaves, say, progressives and christianists, I'm reckoning. Of course, both see the other as whack-jobs, but, Oh Well!

Like, so be it then. Let's rid ourselves of the corrupt "centrists" on both sides and see where the chips fall. I'd bet there are more of us than them. Either way, big business must be reregulated. Let the Canadians send us their low-cost pharmaceuticals and keep the mad cows (and, yes, the reverse is true today); reestablish market-capitalism and destroy crony-capitalism; and bust out the guillotine for the Halliburton board of bastards! Just for laughs.

Yeaaaaah! That's it!

Let America be America again!


--spared-- said...

Ok first... You mentioned the Mouthpiece, before you mentioned me. Then, as if that weren't bad enough, you refer to me as "madame" like I'm running a cyberbrothel. I'm offended, and demand you re-write this post immediately.

Next, I've been annoyed by democrats way before you which is why I have rallied everyone within earshot to make a stink. People are getting registered and making calls, the Republican majority is in danger in Florida's Legislature and we are basically stirring up the you know what around here. I love it!

Regarding Kos having a blogging empire, he's not half as funny as you are. I prefer visiting my buds on the blogosphere who actually know my name than these other sites where you are just a blip on their radar. So carry on. I visit as much as having kids and a career let me, but I'm true blue to ya... :)

Barking Up Trees said...

hereinafter then, i shall refer to thee as "she who must be obeyed"... eh... ?

Anonymous said...

You mentioned me in the same sentence as that estrogen-imbalanced, holier than thou, NEW YORKER??? Well, at least I came first, and I am gratified to see it cheesing off Spared so much. Of course, being a republican, I am not offended at your speech. Spared, being a liberal democrat is offended at everything that doesn't hew to the PC agenda (which includes me who, being white and male, is inherently hateful and offensive, and must be subjugated in Spared's world, which will probably involve concentration camps).

And you gotta know that, except for Bush (whom I think history will be kinder than the present, just as it was for Reagan, Carter and Truman (oh, the snarling, but remember, folks hated Truman and Carter, and liberals hated Reagan with a blind rage)), Chaatoes is closer to me in opinion than Spared, who has this weird belief going on that Bush wants her pregnant and barefoot. Not me, I want her working and paying something toward her own upkeep.

But while I am not annoyed by centrist democrats as much as I am by Kanjorski and Waters, both of whom advocate Chavez-like policies, and lets not even discuss those worthless sacks of pus, Reid and Pelosi, I say YES, purge the democratic centrists. Put Waters in charge of Commerce, Sanders in charge of Banking, Kanjorski in charge of energy. Purge the nonbelievers and those who don't believe in the Obamanation New World Order. Close Guantanamo. Pull out of Iraq NOW (I really do mean this). Because when terrorists strike again, I am not in the danger zone (unless they zap Newark, and who would notice anyway). At that point, folks will be chasing Reid and Pelosi with ropes.

And the center will belong to us!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!